Det brukar gå bra / It usually ends well

Imagine, there's a human being tucked away in every human body. And a cat in every cat! It Usually Ends Well is a story about a beloved cat, and its over-protective owner, about love and loss, animals and humans.

An extraordinary story about life the way it is, and what happens when it doesn't turn out as expected. About the eternal and existential questions of
life and death. The film is also a journey into the creative mind of the author Beate Grimsrud and her work with the novel The Leakage of Sleep.

Duration: 48 min 
Writer and Director: Beate Grimsrud

Produced by: Filmkreatörerna in co-production with Fjordholm filmproduksjon, Beate Grimsrud and Sveriges Television AB, Commissioning Editor SVT Ulla Nilsson with support from the Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioners Hjalmar Palmgren and Tove Torbiörnsson, Norsk filminstitutt, Film Commissioner Kalle Løchen, Konstnärsnämnden and Fond for lyd og bilde.

Release: 2010